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Nature Corner

News from the garden in the heart of Torquay by Lewis.
Web Daisy 3
Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust
Green and pleasant land at the centre of the town More ...
Lewis Wallis
Mr Bee
Bumble Bee
Nature, perhaps unseen, around the church More ...
Lewis Wallis
Harvest Time
Thoughts on nature with Lewis More ...
Lewis Wallis
Stung into Action! More ...
Lewis Wallis
Web Daisy 2
Nature Corner Commune with your Creation
Nature Corner more thoughts More ...
Lewis Wallis
Nature Corner continued
Nature Corner Continued More ...
Lewis Wallis
church primrose
Nature Corner with Lewis Wallis
Spring at St Mary Magdalene garden right in the heart of Torquay town centre More ...
Lewis Wallis
Web Oak 1
Nature Corner: What are we doing with our gardens?
Nature Corner garden thoughts More ...
Lewis Wallis
Torquay Church
The Cross
Looking at the natural world at the centre of Torquay More ...
Lewis Wallis
TREES ... Love them or hate them?
Trees in an urban setting More ...
Lewis Wallis
Lots of pics web
Unnoticed at the centre of Torquay
Take a look around outside the church door More ...
Rosemary Dowell