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What's Going on?

There are good things going on at St Mary Magdalene church Torquay.
It is a growing family from many different background who are learning how to do things God's way. Here you will find stories of life and struggle as well as news and events. 
Torquay Church
Life Together
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Torquay Church
Finding Jesus on the edge ...
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Torquay Church
Notice of APCM 
Click link below to see Notice of APCM More ...
Torquay Church
Lent Reflection 4
When we look at the meanings behind words, it can help us to understand the meaning better. More ...
Virginia Grant
Torquay Church
Lent Reflection 3
Lent Reflection 3 - no record of wrongs More ...
Virginia Grant
Torquay Church
Lent Reflection 2
Lent Reflection 2 - Love is patient More ...
Virginia Grant
Torquay Church
Lent Reflection 1: What is it?
Lent Refletions - what is it all about? More ...
Virginia Grant
Hands father baby 2
Moments By Ros Patman
A Beautiful Poem by Ros Pateman on being present in each moment with God. More ...
Advent image
Advent Reflection 5: God With Us
Christmas Day is upon us. I hope you managed the food shop, wrapping Christmas presents, and getting bedrooms ready for visiting family More ...
Virginia Grant
Torquay Church
Advent Reflection 4: Around Jesus 
During the business of this coming week, I would encourage you to sit and be still for a while, take a deep breath and rest. More ...
Advent image
Advent Reflection 3: Receiving Jesus
We are nearly at Christmas, are you ready? Can you say what Mary Said? More ...
Virginia Grant
Advent image
Advent Reflection 2: Announcing Jesus
Are you gripped with fear? Our heavenly Father, wants to remove all fear from our lives, that as we can come to Him, we can be confident that He is for us and not against us. More ...
Virginia Grant
Advent image
Advent Reflection 1: Waiting for Jesus 
No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, He will always give us His peace More ...
Virginia Grant
Moving to 11am
On September 4th our Sunday morning service times will change to 9am and 11am. We have taken the decision in order to make space to grow. More ...
The living Room
The Living Room is 5 
Here are a few of our customers saying thanks and telling a bit of their story More ...
APCM Documents 
Docs for todays APCM More ...
'Generous Heart' For Refugees
Bishop Nick Calls for Britain to rediscover its "generous heart" for refugees More ...
SMM Bap 3
Thanksgiving and Baptism 
Having children is a great privilege. A great place to start that journey is by being part of the christian family and bringing your child before God. More ...
What does full life for all mean to me? 
This is part of what 'Full life for all' looks like to me More ...
Sue Garner
Torquay Church
We Saw It On TV
A poem reflecting on the news from the Middle East More ...
Richard Sale
The living Room
Re-think the way we do things
"Meet me in the Living Room" he said. "Where?" I replied. "You'll see," was his delighted response and then put the phone down! More ...
'Daddy God' Virginia's Story
The Lords’ prayer says “our Father who art in heaven”, but who is the Father? More ...
Virginia Grant
I’m not suggesting for a moment you need to walk to the top of a mountain to find God. More ...
Tim Clegg
Church Torquay
A Child Called Freedom
Addiction. So what comes to mind for you? It this something that others have an issue with? More ...
Mark Searle
Invitation to life
Jesus stands outside the grave of Lazarus and invites the dead man to walk out! More ...
The living Room
No Ordinary Day
Snap Shots From The Living Room More ...
Rose Butt
What kind of place is this?
Have you ever wandered into an unfamiliar shop and found yourself distracted by the surroundings? More ...
Mark Searle
Olympic Medal
A long time ago in a land far, far away
Ernest Leslie Page, born London 1910. The pinnacle of his career was being selected to run for his country in the 1932 Olympic Games. More ...
Edwina Corderory
Hands father baby 2
Filled again and again
The Old Testament promised the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit. Then at Pentecost the Holy Spirit came. More ...
Hands Up
500 one-by-one More ...
Wilson C
Inspiration for today
Inspiration from Wilson Carlile Adapted from an article by Mark Russell at More ...
Church Office
500 one by one
Jesus: Full Life for All
Catch the vision for a growing church. More ...
Find our Feet
finding your feet
Have you found your feet More ...
Mark Searle
From abusing drugs to caring for others
An interview with Stella Garner from Team Family More ...
Mark Searle
Ten Words to help you breakout
When someone first comes to faith they can’t stop talking about Jesus. More ...
Mark Searle
Photo on 16-10-2011 at 1111
Here's me
all age worship with a video prayer station More ...
Mark Searle
Get Connected
Be encouraged. Get Excited. More about Life Groups this autumn More ...
Mark Searle
family holiday
Take a break? Jesus didn’t take holidays.
food for thought over the holidays More ...
Mark Searle
Picture4 Web
Confirmation Pictures
St Mary Magdalene join Bishop John at Paignton Parish church for Confirmation More ...
Rosemary Dowell
Signs of Life
Today the first shoots have appeared. More ...
Mark Searle
Share your best day out in Torquay
Have a vote and then share your thoughts on the forum. More ...
Mark Searle
Glad to be different
Several years ago I had a great and painful revelation. "I am not my Father". More ...
Love Hurts icon
Love Hurts
Even when it's at it's best love can still hurt. More ...
Mark Searle
Growing Church
Growing Church
Living things grow and so does the church. More ...
Mark Searle
Claire Prynn
Little School - Big Heart
“We know every child well and are like a large family – everyone is equally important." More ...
Claire Prynn
Church Road
Church on the way
Church is not a cul-de-sac! More ...
Mark Searle
What's the sign above the door
Every church has a sign above the door, have you read ours? More ...
Mark Searle