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Our Vision: "Jesus: Full Life for ALL"

St Mary Magdalene Church Torquay is at an exciting transition time.

It’s a great time to join us and discover Jesus and what he is calling us to.
So far, we think it looks like this ...

We are a church that is following Jesus, and seeking full life for all in the context we have been placed. St Mags is in a strategic location in the heart of Torquay and has mission right at its foundation.
The original vision of the church was that the Gospel (the good news about Jesus) should be made freely available to all. It’s a great heritage and one that is firmly rooted in the Bible. The phrase that summarises this for us is:

"Jesus: Full Life for ALL"

This means that Jesus is the one we are following; it is all about Him and for Him. It’s why we meet, pray, worship and seek to share our story and His with others.

Jesus is the one who brings full life. Life as is should be lived, being the people that he intended us to be. But this is not an abstract idea! It is both spiritual and practical. It affects our praying yes, but it also affects our working, and relationships and everything. Lives that are both transformed and lived before God.

But the best bit is this – it’s for all. Jesus did not come to form a club of nice people. He came to bring full life for all people. People from every walk of life, rich, poor, young, old, happy, sad, whole and broken. Church is the only organisation on the planet that exists totally for its non-members. Jesus really is for all.

We would love you to join us for this next part of the journey.


The fun part is that we are not waiting before we get on with this vision. We are a “Church on the way”.
  • As a set of families who are following God, he is shaping us on the way so we can fulfil the vision better.

  • The buildings that we have could be better, but that will not hold us back.

  • The worship is growing and deepening at a pace as we seek to encounter the living God, but we will not wait till it’s perfect before we get on with the task.

  • We are a “Church on the way” and the vision is: “Jesus, Full Life for ALL”.

The next steps in working this through, looks like this.

Listen to the vision:

Mark Searle. Introducing the next stage of the vision, growing the church to 500 one by one, it is time to be counted.

Read the vision:

 500 one by one