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Would you like to know how to live life to the full? 
Would you like to know more about the Christian faith? 
Would you like to get connected and make new friends at St Mags? 
Then Access is for you.

Access is a simple introduction to the Christian faith. It is open to anyone and runs a rolling and varied program so that you can join at any point and stay as long as you like. We will cover one of three main themes in a different way each week:

WHO are you and who is Jesus.
WHAT is the problem and what is God’s solution 
WHERE am I going, our hope and future in Jesus.

How it works

Each evening will begin at 7.30pm with coffee and cake. There will be a short talk, then we will read a bible passage, talk about it together, pray and close with our action question: “What are you going to do differently because of what you have heard tonight?”

Access is free to attend but we invite you to make a donation of about £2 to cover costs. Everyone who attends will be asked for simple contact information so that we can stay in touch with you.

Access will run most Wednesday nights in Church.  The Soul Cafe takes place once a month on a Wednesday and on those nights we encourage all those on Access to join us for great music and the chance to relax with others - entry is £2 and includes coffee and cake.

When you are ready for more

Access is part of a wider and growing program that we are starting at St Mags called Full Life Training. When you are ready for more we will offer a Full Life Review with a Mentor/Coach. Once you have completed the review and given yourself some actions you will then be able to access further Full Life Training as well as ongoing support from a mentor/coach. The aim is to resource you as a Christian to grow strong and live life to the full. 

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